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"Annals of Ocology Cover 2023

History of treatment scheduling as impacted by mathematical modelling.

Cancer Research Cover 2023

Metastases represented by a planetary system with the sun as a primary tumor, by Jill Gallaher.

Trends in Cell Biology Cover 2023

Showing a set of simulated tumors, color-coded according to immune interactions, by Jeff West.

Cancer Research Cover 2021

Showing multiple phase planes geometrically arranged, by Maxi Srobl.

Cancer Research Cover 2020

Colored discs indicate repeatable treatment cycles, Jeff West.

Cancer Research Cover 2019

Finding the goldilocks window of Chemotherapy, by Derek Park.

Cold Spring Harbor Cover 2017

Evolution of metabolically heterogeneous tumors, by Mark Robertson-Tessi.

Cancer Research Cover 2017

In vitro & in silico metabolic phenotypes, by Mark Robertson-Tessi & Mehdi Damaghi.

3 Dimensional In Silico Tumor

Sliced in half, revealing inner core.

3D Reconstruction of In Silico Tumor

Distribution of colors highlights the individual cells that makeup the tumor.

Passing through an In Silico Tumor

Visualization of the 2D slices through a 3D tumor, highlighting the fingering morphology.

Two orthogonal slices of a 3D Tumor

Each slice is 10 cells thick and highlights the fingering morphology that emerges.

3D In Silico Tumor

Highlighting the millions of individual cells that makeup the tumor.

2D Tumor invasion

Highlighting the influence a homogeneous ECM has on an invading tumor.

2D Tumor invasion

Highlighting the influence a random ECM has on an invading tumor.

Mapping Genotype to Phenotype

A neural network representation of a computation cells internal signaling.

Emergence of the glycolysis

Panel of simulations investigating the role of the microenvironment in driving glycolysis.

Emergence of the glycolysis

Oxygen deprived microenvironment drives the glycolytic phenotype.

Emergence of acid resistance

Evolutionary sequence of dominant phenotypes growing in a tumor.

2 Dimensional In Silico Tumor

Growth and invasion of a potts model generated tumor.

In Silico Prostate cancer

Simulation of a prostate cancer that rapidly dies out.

2 Dimensional In Silico Tumor

Purely continuous representation of and invading tumor in a heterogeneous ECM.

3 Dimnesional In Silico Angiogensis

Angiogenic response to a tumor located at the base of the cube (not shown).

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