Jeffrey West

Assistant Member
Integrated Mathematical Oncology
Moffitt Cancer Center / University of South Florida

Research areas & interests

Agent-based models of cancer

An ongoing theme in the lab is using the Hybrid Automata Library (HAL) open-source framework (Java) to develop, analyze, and visualize agent-based mathematical models. We’ve recently implemented a continuous space-time cellular automata model known as “Lenia” in HAL.

Antifragility & convexity in dose response

The lab is exploring the role of antifragility along several research avenues. Read more..

Mathematical Oncology Community

Ongoing efforts for mathematical oncology community growth.

Recent news

Trends in Cell Biology Cover Art

Our paper, “Agent-based methods facilitate integrative science in cancer” was featured on the cover of the journal Trends in Cell Biology. Caption: “Modeling tumor evolution via integrative team science. On pages 300–311 in this issue, West et al. review the...

Recorded Talk: Spring School on applied mathematics in ecology

Talk: can we use the principles of convexity to guide treatment?

Published: a survey of open questions in adaptive therapy

Published in eLife: a collaboration of 12 scientists mapping out how to bridge mathematics and clinical translation.