Feasibility of an Evolutionary Tumor Board for Generating Novel Personalized Therapeutic Strategies

M. Robertson-Tessi, J. Brown, M. Poole, M. Johnson, A. Marusyk, J. Gallaher, K. Luddy, C. Whelan, J. West, M. Strobl, V. Turati, H. Enderling, M. Schell, A. Tan, T. Boyle, R. Makanji, J. Farinhas, H. Soliman, D. Lemanne, R. Gatenby, D. Reed, A. Anderson, C. Chung, 2023

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Local contact inhibition leads to universal principles of cell population growth

G. Kimmel, J. West, M. Damaghi, A. Anderson, P. Altrock, 2022

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Antifragile Therapy

J. West, B. Desai, M. Strobl, L. Pierik, R. Vander Velde, C. Armagost, R. Miles, M. Robertson-Tessi, A. Marusyk, A. Anderson, 2020

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Macrophage-mediated immunoediting drives ductal carcinoma evolution: Space is the game changer

C. Gatenbee, J. West, M. Robertson-Tessi, A. Baker, N. Guljar, T. Graham, A. Anderson, 2018

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Peer-reviewed publications


Defining and Addressing Research Priorities in Cancer Cachexia through Transdisciplinary Collaboration

M. Park, C. Whelan, S. Ahmed, T. Boeringer, J. Brown, S. Crowder, C. Gregg, H. Jim, A. Judge, T. Mason, N. Parker, S. Pillai, S. Rajasekhara, G. Rasool, S. Tinsley, M. Schabath, P. Stewart, J. West, P. McDonald, J. Permuth, 2024

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To modulate or to skip: De-escalating PARP inhibitor maintenance therapy in ovarian cancer using adaptive therapy

M. Strobl, A. Martin, J. West, J. Gallaher, M. Robertson-Tessi, R. Gatenby, R. Wenham, P. Maini, M. Damaghi, A. Anderson, 2024

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Tumor-immune metaphenotypes orchestrate an evolutionary bottleneck that promotes metabolic transformation

J. West, F. Rentzeperis, C. Adam, R. Bravo, K. Luddy, M. Robertson-Tessi, A. Anderson, 2024

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Treatment of evolving cancers will require dynamic decision support

M. Strobl, J. Gallaher, M. Robertson-Tessi, J. West, A. Anderson, 2023

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A pilot study of donor-engrafted clonal hematopoiesis evolution and clinical outcomes in allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplant recipients using a national registry

N. Gillis, E. Padron, T. Wang, K. Chen, S. Spellman, S. Lee, C. Kitko, M. MacMillan, J. West, Y. Tang, M. Teng, S. McNulty, T. Druley, J. Pidala, A. Lazaryan, 2023

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Inter- and intra-metastatic heterogeneity shapes adaptive therapy cycling dynamics

J. Gallaher, M. Strobl, J. West, J. Zhang, R. Gatenby, M. Robertson-Tessi, A. Anderson, 2023

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A survey of open questions in adaptive therapy: bridging mathematics and clinical translation

J. West, F. Adler, J. Gallaher, M. Strobl, R. Brady-Nicholls, J. Brown, M. Robertson-Tessi, E. Kim, R. Noble, Y. Viossat, D. Basanta, A. Anderson, 2023

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Homeostasis limits keratinocyte evolution

R. Schenck, E. Kim, R. Bravo, J. West, S. Leedham, D. Shibata, A. Anderson, 2022

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Mistic: an open-source multiplexed image t-SNE viewer

S. Prabhakaran, C. Gatenbee, M. Robertson-Tessi, J. West, A. Beg, J. Gray, S. Antonia, R. Gatenby, A. Anderson, 2022

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Spatial structure impacts adaptive therapy by shaping intra-tumoral competition

M. Strobl, J. Gallaher, J. West, M. Robertson-Tessi, P. Maini, A. Anderson, 2022

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Immunosuppressive niche engineering at the onset of human colorectal cancer

C. Gatenbee, A. Baker, R. Schenck, M. Strobl, J. West, M. Neves, S. Hasan, E. Lakatos, P. Martinez, W. Cross, M. Jansen, M. Rodriguez-Justo, C. Whelan, A. Sottoriva, S. Leedham, M. Robertson-Tessi, T. Graham, A. Anderson, 2022

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Normal tissue architecture determines the evolutionary course of cancer

J. West, R. Schenck, C. Gatenbee, M. Roberston-Tessi, A. Anderson, 2021

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Turnover modulates the need for a cost of resistance in adaptive therapy

M. Strobl, J. West, Y. Viossat, M. Damaghi, M. Robertson-Tessi, J. Brown, R. Gatenby, P. Maini, A. Anderson, 2021

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The harsh microenvironment in early breast cancer selects for a Warburg phenotype

M. Damaghi, J. West, M. Robertson-Tessi, Liping Xu, M. Ferrall-Fairbanks, P. Stewart, E. Persi, B. Fridley, P. Altrock, R. Gatenby, P. Sims, A. Anderson, R. Gillies, 2021

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Towards multi-drug adaptive therapy

J. West, L. You, J. Zhang, R.A. Gatenby, J. Brown, P.K. Newton, A. Anderson, 2020

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Hybrid Automata Library: A flexible platform for hybrid modeling with real-time visualization

R. Bravo, E. Baratchart, J. West, R. Schenck, A. Miller, J. Gallaher, C. Gatenbee, D. Basanta, M. Robertson-Tessi, A. Anderson, 2020

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The immune checkpoint kick start: Optimization of neoadjuvant combination therapy using game theory

J. West, M. Robertson-Tessi, K. Luddy, D. Park, D. Williamson, C. Harmon, H. Khong, J. Brown, A. Anderson, 2019

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The prisoner's dilemma as a cancer model

J. West, Z. Hasnain, J. Mason, P. Newton, 2016

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Experiments comparing precision of stereo-vision approaches for control of an industrial manipulator

J. Yoder, J. West, E. Baumgartner, M. Perrollaz, M. Seelinger, M. Robinson, 2013

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Technical reports


Evolutionary exploitation of PD-L1 expression in hormone receptor positive breast cancer

J. West, D. Park, C. Harmon, D. Williamson, P. Ashcroft, D. Maestrini, A. Ardaseva, R. Bravo, P. Sahoo, H. Khong, K. Luddy, M. Robertson-Tessi, 2018


Optimizing chemo-scheduling based on tumor growth rates

J. West, P. Newton, 2018


Competitive release in tumors

Y. Ma, J. West, P. Newton, 2018


Targeting the Untargetable: Predicting Pramlintide Resistance Using a Neural Network Based Cellular Automata

E. Kim, R. Schenck, J. West, W. Cross, V. Harris, J. McKenna, H. Cho, E. Coker, S. Lee-Kramer, K. Tsai, E. Flores, C. Gatenbee, 2017


A Fuzzy Logic approach to collision avoidance in smart UAVs

Y. Ma, J. West, P. Newton, 2012


Urban Food Production season extension techniques

J. West, P. Ling, P. Grewal, 2010