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Chris Watts





Research AssistantUSA

Information Technology, Web Development



Research Assistant: Drug Discovery Program H. Lee Moffitt Cancer & Research Institute, Tampa, FL USA. 2013 - Present


Bachelors of Information Technology (Ongoing)

College of Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa FL. 2012 - Present

Communications and GPS Qualified

United States Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune NC. 2006 - 2010


Deposition Author and Publication: Ember S. W, Zhu J. Y, Olesen S. H, Martin M. P, Becker A, Berndt N, Georg G.I & Schonbrunn E (2014). Acetyl-lysine binding site of bromodomain-containing protein 4 (BRD4) interacts with diverse kinase inhibitors. ACS. Chem. Biol. 19(5), 1160-117

PDB Depositions

4O72 4O70, 4O71, 4O72, 4O74, 4O75, 4O76, 4O77, 4O78, 4O7A, 4O7B, 4O7C, 4O7E, 4O7F, 4PS5.



Professional Skills

Wet Lab: DSF, Bradford, Mini-Prep, Induction Studies, Sonication and Gel Protocols

Technical/Computer: HKL2000, PHENIX, XDS, SERCAT Processing, C++ Coding, Java Coding, HTML/Dreamweaver, BASH Scripting, and Web Development