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Laboratory Members

The Schönbrunn laboratory is a team composed of 12 international members with each specialized skills in a large range of methodologies that cover molecular biology, protein purification, biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling ...

Team pictureschonbrunn-lab-members Stephane Betzi Mathew Martin Jinyi Zhu Franck Marsilio  Sanne Olesen Kathy Yang Erol Jahjah Riazul Alam Wanda Manieri Donna Lubbers Bernhard Trinczek Ernst Schonbrunn Becker Andreas



From Left to right :


Not in the picture :

Former members

Members map

map USA: Frank, Donna, Natasha, Erol France: Stephane Albania: Erol UK: Mathew Danemark: Sanne Germany: Dr. Ernst Schonbrunn, Andreas, Bernhard Italy: Wanda Republic of Korea: Huijong China: Kathy, Jinyi Bangladesh: Riaz India: Niki Moffitt Cencer Center

Job opportunities

At this moment there are no job opportunities. Please contact Dr Schnbrunn for any information.

Previous pictures

2013 Lab Photo (current)

2010 Lab Photo

2009 Lab Photo

2008 Lab Photo



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