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The following equipment and instruments are used for experiments on a daily basis:

X-Ray Data Collection

xrayIn-house Cu rotating anode X-ray source equipped with a rigaku CCD Saturn 944+ and an R-AXIS IV imaging plate detector.


crystallizationCrystallization room (controlled temperature and humidity) and crystallization robot (Thermo Hydra II).

Protein Purification

Protein PurificationSeveral GE Healthcare AKTA protein purification systems (2 Purifiers, 2 FPLCs and 2 Prime Plus)

Wet Lab

Wet LabIncubators for cell cultures, UV plate reader, fluorescence spectrophotometer, centrifuges, and various other items used for our wet lab experimentation.

DLS, ITC and Fermenter


Dynamic Light scattering (Wyatt DynaPro Titan), Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (Microcal ITC 200) and 14 liters bioreactor fermenter (BioFlo 310) instrumentation available in the Moffitt Structural Biology Core (SBC) facility.




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