The main goal of the Training program is to develop a joint training program between the PSM and MCC/USF in order to enhance training and exposure of minority students and scientists to cancer research and subspecialized areas of oncology while educating majority trainees, physicians and scientists to understand issues and problems associated to cancer disparities in minority populations.

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Please click here for information on our recent Health Disparities Symposium and poster session, featuring Rick Kittles, PhD as the keynote speaker.

Please click here for information on our workshop, "On Being a Scientist: Essential Skills of a Biomedical Scientist."

Please click here for information about our workshop, "Basic Science Research Targeting Health Disparities."

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Teresita Antonia PSM Moffitt Students

Bioethics course-Teresita-Antonia
Training Core Mentors and Mentees

Training Core Co-Leaders
Moffitt Ponce
Kenneth Wright, Ph.D. Caroline Appleyard, Ph.D.
Training Core Investigators
Moffitt Ponce
Melissa Alsina, M.D. Raul Armstrong, M.D.
Scott Antonia, M.D., Ph.D. Elizabeth Barranco, M.D.
Alberto Chiappori, MD Pedro Santiago, Ph.D.
Daniel Sullivan M.D.  Hector Velez, M.D.
Susan Vadaparampil, Ph.D.  
SJVA Hospital Auxilio Mutuo
William Caceres, M.D. Fernando Cabanillas, M.D.
Training Coordinators
Moffitt Ponce
Evelyn Rivera-Miranda Maribel Velez
Rae Reuille, MPH  

Teresita Antonia PSM MCC Students

Teresita Antonia student research